I was invited by  120db to design and animate 3 different stories that have happened to Rappi couriers, and how they were able to help the clients with these peculiar situations.
Client: Rappi
Creativity: Creative Shop (Rappi)
Production Agency: 120db, Wanda Quintero
Project Manager and Team Director: Nilsson Cajamarca
Design: Geraldin VergaraRodrigo Domínguez
Animation: Rodrigo Dominguez, Gino Lloreda
01 | RappiCash - Hospital

The first case was about how a mother that needed some money so she could go home with her newborn child.
02 | RappiFavor - Love letter
The second case was about a customer that asked for a love letter and the best chocolates they could find so he could get his girlfriend back after a breakup.
03 | RappiFavor - Dog
The third case was about a sick dog that needed some medicine that was really hard to find to get better quickly.

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