A Latin American community for passionate Motion Graphics artists.
Inspired by the collaborative spirit of the Motion Media industry in the US, in 2012 I founded BAKU along with some friends (Carolina Guerrero,  Catalina Parra, Nicolás García). We started as an artists collective, doing pro bono projects for NGOs in Colombia and Latin America. Years after in 2018, I transformed BAKU into the first Motion Graphics Community in Colombia. 
We lacked awareness of each other's professional journeys, limiting our ability to learn from shared experiences.
That's why I started organizing both in-person (usually in Bogotá) and online (on my YouTube channel) meetups with highly qualified professionals to share their knowledge a talk about different topics. Over the years we've connected 300+ professionals from five countries. 
The themes of our meetups go from soft skills like Budgeting, Project Management, and Creative Direction to hard skills like Traditional Animation and 3D Pipeline. We also invite well-known professionals to speak about their experiences.
My goal is to share knowledge, make friends, and elevate the Mograph scene across the continent, especially in Colombia, where I was born. I received help from mentors and this is my way to give back, that's why all the lectures are free to attend. 

More than 300 Motion Graphic Designers, Animators, and Illustrators have participated in these meetups. We have professionals not only from Colombia but also from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and the US.
12+ in-person and online meetups.
Open and free on YouTube. 
Would you like to be a speaker? Reach out.
Send me an email to hello@nilssoncajamarca.com
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