Hello there, I'm Nilsson!

I'm a motion designer specialized in 2D Animation, currently living in Savannah, GA. I'm from Colombia, the land of magic realism, delicious coffee, terrific food and lovely people. I worked there as a freelancer for 7 years collaborating with studios and companies for clients around the globe.

I attended SCAD to study a Master of the Arts in Motion Media Design and after that I worked in a few studios including Scholar and Buck in New York city.  I'm currently working closely with clients as a full-time freelancer being able to use different hats depending on the project needs. I have experience in creative direction, storyboarding, project management and animation direction but my heart shines every time I mess with keyframes. 

I've been always impressed by the loving and sharing community of motion graphics around the world and its artists so to contribute a bit I created one in Colombia called BAKU. This group pursues ways to connect and impulse the animation field in the region, including mainly Colombians but also professionals from Argentina, Ecuador, Perú and Brazil. 

I speak English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. I consider myself a Spiritual seeker, Martial Arts enthusiast, and a Sci-Fi padawan.

Here's my CV 

Feel free to say hello at  nilsson.cajamarca@gmail.com
Press & Recognitions

1. Motion Awards 2022. Principles of Design. Student Infographic Nominee. 
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3. SCAD. Flow in Motion. Interview. 
4. El Nido. Nilsson Cajamarca. Podcast. 
5. Doméstika
. Young Colombian Talent 2020. Book.