Hola, I'm Nilsson!

I'm a Motion Designer with an immense love for 2D Animation, currently based in Texas. After working as a freelancer for almost 8 years, I attended SCAD to study for a Master of Arts in Motion Media Design, in Savannah, Georgia. After that, I worked both as a freelancer and in a few studios including Scholar and Buck in projects for clients like IBM, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, HP, Lego, and State Farm, among others.  
As an Animator, I can do 2D character rigging, character animation, 2D animation, and compositing.
As a Creative Director, I can do Concept Development and lead a team to create animation projects.
As a Producer, I can take care of budgets, communicate with clients, and keep track of feedback until delivery.
Animation is what I love the most and is where I want to develop my full potential.
I founded a Latin American community for Motion Designers called Baku. My goal here is to share knowledge, make friends, and elevate the Mograph scene across the continent, especially in Colombia.

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Spiritual seeker, martial artist, and Star Wars nerd.

Contact me at: hello@nilssoncajamarca.com
Press & Recognitions

1. Motion Awards 2022. Principles of Design. Student Infographic Nominee. 
2. ATL Voyage. Life & Work of Nilsson. Interview. 
3. SCAD. Flow in Motion. Interview. 

4. SCAD. Dean's Fellowship Scholarship. Master in Motion Media. 
5. Colfuturo. Scholarship for Graduate Studies. 2021.

6. El Nido Podcast. Nilsson Cajamarca. 
5. Doméstika
. Young Colombian Talent 2020. Book.
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