Identity Digital commissioned BUCK to create three (3) :15-second spots to show what you can do with their .bio, .pro, and .life domains, just a few of the hundreds of options they have to choose from. Each spot has its own personal style to reflect the different ways that users’ personalities can come through in their unique domains.
These spots build on the work BUCK did for Identity Digital in 2022, utilizing a similar approach with bright colors, grainy textures, and an overall print-like quality. This time, we ramped up the design by incorporating new details and subtle dimension in the animation. 2.5D cameras enhanced the depth while still capturing the vibe and essence of the 2022 spot.

Executive Producer: Kitty Dillard
Creative Director: Yker Moreno
Producer: Andre Araujo, Jess Pierik
Production Coordinator: Olivia Grady
Art Director: Carmel Gatchalian
2D Animation Lead: Paola Chen Li, Sean Merk
Storyboard: Carmel Gatchalian,  João Lavieri,  Sam Lee
Design: Carmel Gatchalian, João Lavieri, Michael Wilkinson, Sam Lee
2D Animation: Hannah Sun, Nicole Pappas, Nilsson Cajamarca, Paola Chen Li, Sean Merk
Dept W
Creative Director: David Butler
Account Supervisor: Schaeffer Kuzman
Art Director: Hannah Murphy
Copywriter: Evan Glass
Producer: Ben Bouxsein
Sound Design & Mix: Sarah Krohn

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